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Overnight Camping Adventure
Whether you are traveling for work, venturing off to a weekend getaway, or unleashing yourself on a well-deserved vacation, do not stress because you cannot take your dog with you. Bring your dog to Camp Good Stay and allow your dog a home away from home experience where he or she will be welcomed as one of the family while you're away. We offer safe, fun, and trustworthy overnight dog boarding filled with adventure that will guarantee a happy tail. Learn more.
Getting started with Camp Good Stay.
Our first step in creating a happy tail is a free assessment which offers you the opportunity to meet us and offers us the opportunity to observe your dog. During the Assessment we evaluate your dog's need for training and become familiar with the training goals you would like to achieve with your dog. The assessment is approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour long, is free, and there is no obligation - you can decide on a training program after we meet.

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